CERTIFIED COMPANY Reference Standard UNI EN ISO 9001

Villa Matilde is the NURSING HOME that offers CERTIFIED QUALITY.
Compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001 standards, based on which Villa Matilde has obtained certification, offers a guarantee of continuity of service to all our Guests who will have the opportunity to become familiar with us through our strong commitment and effort.
For some time now, our structure has adopted and activated the Quality System, it being the best guarantee of controlled organisation at all levels, aimed at offering a qualified service.
In fact, an external and accredited Body has established a series of parameters which will be subjected to the test of time, in terms of:
- Forming a multidimensional evaluation team with the objective of formulating assistance plans based on the specific health, psychological, rehabilitative, social and assistance needs individualised for each Guest. Such plans are subjected to further periodical inspections and updates or re-formulations based on the evidence of new requirements and assistance needs. Upon discharge of the individual a documented and thorough report related to the clinical conditions and functional autonomy is issued;
- Building awareness through a continuous training of the Management, administrators and health workers and of those responsible for providing basic assistance in case of geriatric problems and for satisfying the Guests’ needs, with the aim of creating a true GROUP SPIRIT at Villa Matilde;
- Making each individual responsible for qualitative service in order to offer always a service that improves the QUALITY OF LIFE of our Guests through the recuperation of their residual psycho-physical potential and functions;
- Introducing new criteria for the qualification of products and services acquired externally as well as conducting an accurate selection of foods, drinks, health and sanitary facilities, therapeutic equipment and aids, with the aim of constantly monitoring, and possibly improving, the quality of the service rendered;
- Absolute willingness to assist the Guests’ family members, with the aim of consolidating relations with the latter and of establishing a permanent dialogue between VILLA MATILDE – GUEST – FAMILY MEMBERS.